LabelLighthouse Story

Self Sticking Clothing Labels That Stay Put!

STIKINS® self-sticking name labelsWhen Lena Grierson’s oldest daughter started school, and returned home one time too many without a glove, it was time to start labeling your name on things. Mrs Grierson was surprised to find that there was no fast and easy way of doing that. “Why not a peel-and-stick label?” she thought. Why not indeed! - thus was born.

Mrs Grierson and her company are the exclusive distributors of STIKINS® self-sticking name labels in North America. The STIKINS® self-sticking ID label is a very easy to apply clothing, shoe and item label. The clothing name label sticks on to the wash care label of the garment and is washer and dryer safe. It couldn’t be any easier. And that of course is the idea. Have questions? Check out our FAQs ...