STIKINS® name labelTired of lost clothing?
No time to label them with your name?
We can help you...

The superior STIKINS® name label is a one size name label that can be used on both clothing and items. STIKINS® advanced name label simply stick to the care tag of your clothing and is also used for shoes, water bottles, snack packs, books, pens and lots of other things. One label does it all! These labels are easy to use - simply peel and stick.

Our name labels are washer/dryer, dishwasher and microwave safe. Use STIKINS® name labels for camp, school, daycare and long term care facilities. The letters are large making it easy for a child or senior to read.

Blue Bib Stikins Label

Use STIKINS® Labels for clothing: Great for children and seniors. They are easy to apply on sweaters, pants, coats, jackets, snowpants, toques, gloves, uniforms, undergarments, etc.

Boot Stikins Label

Use STIKINS® Labels for shoes and boots: Also great for sandwich bags, drinking bottles, mugs, sporting equipment etc.

Helmet Stikins Label

Use STIKINS® Labels for other things: Such as helmets, flashlights, pens, pencils, water bottles, toothbrush, school items, combs and hairbrush etc.

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Buy STIKINS® Now is the exclusive distributor in North America of STIKINS® self-sticking, peel n’ stick ID labels, high quality durable stick on clothing tag name labels.
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